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Over one billion blocks and bricks are produced in the UK each year. Our block technology is the first of its kind and ready to tap into this huge market. 

Why haven’t interlocking blocks been utilised in the construction Industry?

There are some interlocking blocks out there, but they tend to be very large. Although this removes the need for mortar, large blocks are not suitable for building houses. If one uses smaller interlocking blocks, suitable for houses, mortar is essential. However, the interlocking blocks trap mortar, resulting in a loss of all benefits that come from building with interlocking blocks. Worse still, they become harder to build with than ordinary bricks and blocks.

SIMBlock technology has solved the `mortar-trapping’ problem so that building houses with interlocking blocks is now a reality. This technology is patent-protected and has the potential to dominate future housing construction. The innovative block design is the result of addressing the issue of re-building communities, on a large scale, after war-induced destruction and exile. Ultimately, this interlocking block design not only speeds up the construction process, but it can also be done by unskilled labourers. 

What's the next step?

The next step in the development of our business is to automate the production of these interlocking blocks. TheSIMBlock team consists of highly experienced professionals covering all relevant areas: mechanical, structural and electronic engineers, accountants, business management and general analysis (including risk). However, we whole-heartedly welcome investor input and contribution. We also have an extended network of people in the construction industry.

What's in it for you?

Once we start producing small housing developments there will be substantial returns for the investor. There will also be revenue opportunities through onsite machine rental.

You'll never come across a more interesting or exciting technology like this. 

You won't regret it, it’s our promise!

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